About Mark

Mark Rucker’s story of transformation from an overweight, out-of-shape Couch Potato to an Ironman has inspired countless people over the past few years to change their lives. His story has been shared on CNN.com, Huffington Post, EverydayHealth.com, and on NBC’s TODAY Show.

Mark shares his journey and the principles that he developed that allowed him to change his life, the 6 Building Blocks of Success, in his new book Unleash the Beast: A Journey to Rediscover the Greatness Within. He is passionate about inspiring others to utilize the Building Blocks to change any aspect of their lives.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and received his dual MBA/JD from the University of Kentucky. He is an attorney in Lexington, Kentucky.

When he’s not busy with his law practice, writing, or speaking, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Annita, and their children, Mason and Abby.

You can connect with Mark on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn