“High Energy, Motivating, and REAL”

Mark was a guest speaker at an associate Lunch & Learn wellness session at AAA in Lexington, Kentucky. His presentation was high energy, motivating and REAL.  More than anything, it was relatable for so many people and because… Read More

“LOVED Him and His Message!”

Our goal when scheduling speakers for our events is to provide our attendees with valuable information that is not only relevant but also delivered in an impactful manner that encourages and inspires. Mark Rucker did all this plus… Read More


“It Was Very Inspiring!”

“It Was Incredible!”

“So Moving and So Inspirational”

“Gave Me Goosebumps”

“Definitely Motivational”

“Mark Is An Inspiration!”

Mark is an inspiration. His presentation drives home the fact that you can do anything that you set your mind to. The greatness is already within you, he just provides you with tools to tap into and discover… Read More

“Highlight of Our Retreat”

I hired Mark to speak at our partner retreat and his talk was the highlight of our weekend. Mark’s presentation was impactful and my partners spoke glowingly about him and his motivational and inspirational message.

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